Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Did Chaos Find Me??

All I can do is beg for your patience.


1) Our drama team is learning a new drama. (I'm the "adult in charge")
2)Hubby decided the bathroom needed repainted
3)Rain set in..can't hang laundry out
4) Son woke up with big red eye...1 hour at the Dr....2 hours at the pharmacy...Pink Eye's in the house!!!!
5)It's after 4 and supper is still frozen
6) Couldn't do laundry (see #4)
7) No clean towels......must do laundry
8)Hubby gets paid tomorrow....need a couple of hours to work out shopping list (What!!!!??)

So you see, somehow chaos found me and I'm totally behind. I promised a shopping update, and I'm going to get it out but in all will probably be tomorrow or Saturday.

I want to share shopping and saving, but I also want to be the wife and mom God called me to be, so taking care of the immediate needs of my family must come first.

I will catch up soon.....I'm sure........


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Lisa said...

It seems when you least expect it chaos finds you doesn't it? Things go smooth and all of a sudden life seems out of control. Yesterday I refused to answer the phone, go out, anything until the house was brought under control somewhat. Hang in there and hide better next time.