Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Dozen

It's time to join up with Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee for Random Dozen.

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1. Which physical trait do you now accept--maybe not love, but accept--and no longer feel extremely self-conscious about?

My feet. I wear a size 11...quite large to fit in any of the 'cute' shoes that I see so many women in. It used to drive me nuts, but hey!...God made them so they're perfect for me!!!

2. This week Meredith Baxter Birney, best known as the mom on the favorite 80s sitcom "Family Ties" came out of the closet, which led me to formulate this question: Who do you think is/was the best TV mom?

By far, Caroline Ingalls.

3. Do you speak any foreign languages? Are there any you'd like to learn?

Nope. I'd love to learn some Russian because I'm praying that God will open up the doors for a mission trip there someday.

4. Who is your personal hero?

Jesus being a would be my Mom. She has worked so hard and sacrificed so much for her family. She's so tired but never complains. be like that...

5. What is one holiday food that you find extremely difficult to resist over- indulging in?

Cookies. I'm not too picky about which kind either. I keep going back for "just one more"........

6. Tell me about a Christmas decoration that has special meaning or sentimental value.

DH made an ornament when he was in 2nd grade. It's a styrofoam ball with yarn wrapped around it and colored toothpicks sticking out of it. We've dubbed it "The Satellite" and his mom gave it to me our first Christmas together 26 years ago.

We have a game of him trying to hide it so that it can't be put on the tree. But I always win that little game and "The Satellite" always has a place of honor on the very front of our tree.

7. How do you feel about snow?

Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!! We really got to enjoy it when we lived in Indiana and in Colorado. Being back in Alabama though we hardly ever get to see a flurry. That's why a ½ inch of snowfall will bring a big party at our house!!!!!

8. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Not that I'm jealous of any number over three or anything.

A good night will give me 7 hours. A normal night will give me about 5½.

9. Tell me about your first crush.

I was in kindergarten and there was a boy named Scott who lived about a block from me. He was about a head shorter than me and had snow white hair. I thought he was the most handsome boy I'd ever seen!! He would wait on me at the end of his block and we'd walk hand in hand to school together each was love... (big, dramatic sigh with hand across forehead!!)

10. You're stuck in a room for 2 hours with only a chalkboard and chalk. What will you write/draw?

Oh I will most certainly draw the names of my family in as much graffiti type writing as I can come up with. I LOVE to do that while I'm on the phone.

11. Do you dress for the current temp or for the day's forecast?

I'll dress for the current temp, but I'll take back up stuff with me, a jacket, flip flops....just in case there's a change.

12. Favorite Christmas movie is?

It's a Wonderful Life!!


Angie said...

I love the satellite! We have a few of those treasured home-made ornaments on our tree too!

Yay, someone else who loves snow! It makes me happy too.

SouthLakesMom said...

The satellite is adorable! But oh no, which of the girls will inherit it? It obviously will need to have a place of honor in future generations! So, do you think DH's mom was trying to get it off her tree or was she just sharing part of his early life???

Kristen said...

I hate my feet too lol...I participated this week (after seeing you do it the past few weeks!)

Susanne said...

The satellite made me smile and I love how you make a game of hiding it. Too funny.

I forgot about Carolyn Ingalls. I used to love that show!