Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm At The Well!!

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Hi Everyone!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!!

Me...I'm over at The Well today! Click here to join with me. My post title?

It Doesn't Need to be Difficult


Brandee said...

Thank you for your devotion that ran today on "At the Well." I was just praying before I went to bed last night that God would help me and guide me in this crazy week I have with so much to do and not knowing how I am going to have all the time to do it. Baking for my husband's work, a play and class party for my son's school, cleaning house, company on Friday afternoon, it was overwhelming me. Thanks for the reminder to submit my time and schedule to God and let Him guide and show me His plans.

God Bless,

Raising Arrows said...

Great post this morning, Deb! I'm struggling this year with feeling like it is all flying by and making sure I'm making lasting memories and not ones of mama racing around like a crazy woman.