Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Try It Tuesday!!

I am really enjoying meeting with God at my friend's church this week. Sunday night's message was great, but last night was even better and lined me up for this week's Try It Tuesday!!

Last night, the evangelist asked the question, "Do we have a teachable spirit?"

He reminded us that we're never to old or too wise to learn and when we reach the place that we're not teachable, we are in dangerous territory.

I love it when Scripture is given to back up these thoughts. If you can't give Scripture, then it could very likely be your opinion, in which case, various among every person.

He began by telling us that Jesus possessed a teachable spirit. Now, that caught me a little off guard since I'm positive Jesus knows everything. How could He possibly need to be taught something?? But here's the Scripture:

"Even though Jesus was God's Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered."
Hebrews 5:8, NLT (emphasis mine)

In order to learn something, you've got to be taught. Jesus learned obedience, He was taught...He had a teachable spirit.

Paul, one of the great men in the Bible, had a teachable spirit.

".....I have learned how to be content with whatever I have."
Philippians 4:11,NLT (emphasis mine)

The disciples in Luke 11:1 made a request...
".....Lord, teach us to pray...." (emphasis mine)

If these great, awesome people in the Bible (and you can go no greater than Jesus Himself..) wanted to be taught, then why do we, why am I, so sluggish about studying??

This was a great revelation to me as well as a crushing conviction.

I have become so complacent in my learning. Not that I think I know it all because if I'm confident of anything, it's that I don't know much...period.

If Jesus and Paul and the disciples had a hunger to learn and be taught, then how much more should my spirit desire to be taught?

Oh man, the Holy Spirit did a number on me last night for sure.

So, for our challenge this week, let's first do a self exam....do we possess a teachable spirit?? Are we open to hearing and learning from the Word of God through the Bible, our own quiet time and the man of God?

Once we've decided that we want to be teachable, let's ask the Holy Spirit to open us up for that teaching.That we would hunger and desire to be taught and then let's begin right now to surround ourselves with things that will teach us. Let's take that time to get away each day and ask the Spirit to teach us through His Word, through sermons on cd's or television. (Be careful that you always have Bible in hand to test the preaching of those you don't know).

I'm anxious to hear from you and how teachable of a spirit you possess!!

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Pam D said...

I have the "old dog/old brain" syndrome, Deb! Honestly, I sometimes feel like someone stole my brain and left oatmeal up there! But I love to listen to podcasts of good speakers, I love to read my Bible and good Bible studies to go along with it (LOVE Kaye Arthur and Beth Moore), so I guess I do want to be taught. And hopefully at least a little of what I read and watch gets absorbed, even if it doesn't seem like it! Great post and wonderful Scriptures to go along with it!