Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cafe` Chat

Today's Cafe` Chat really speaks to my heart.

I find my heart strings being pulled in so many ways and sometimes get overwhelmed by it all.

The questions Kim poses today are:

1) What are things we can do as wife (friend, relative, etc.) when we have a husband (friend, relative, etc) who does not know the Lord?

2) What are things we can do as wives when our husbands once had a growing relationship with the Lord that now seems to be stagnant? (Remember feel free to substitute the wife/husband relationship if you are not married)

3) Last, what are things wives can do to help our husbands grow deeper in their walk with Christ?

I am so blessed that my DH is a strong Christian. He is very much the leader of our home, the provider for our family.

He is faithful in reading his Bible and a strong prayer warrior. Many times I've walked in a room in our home only to find him on his knees in prayer. It convicts me beyond belief because my prayer life doesn't come close to his....and I'm thankful for this conviction!!

I do have a couple of very dear friends though, whose husbands are not saved. Their marriage is good--but could be so much better if the hubby would surrender to the Lord. At times, I even feel guilty (?!) because I'm so blessed....I love my friends and want God's best for them (salvation for their hubbies) as well.

My true brokenness comes from having so many family members who don't know the Lord and aren't interested in learning anything about Him.

Many times we've had to defend our convictions and desires about going to church. They don't understand how we love to be there and want to serve.

For me, witnessing to our family is hard. I love them so much and enjoy being with them so much, that I hesitate to rock the boat. "Just enjoy the time together....Don't upset anybody, we're all having so much fun....we so seldom get all of us together at the same time..don't worry about it."

The fact is, if I don't step out in boldness, they could step out into hell for all eternity....kind of puts it in perspective when I actually see it written out.........

DH and I have both went through dry periods. Times when God felt so far away because we'd become so complacent in our walk with Christ. It's at those times we really lift each other up in prayer. We ask each other, "Did you spend time in the Word today?"

We will send each other devotions that speak to our heart through e-mails or we'll share verses in the Bible that especially spoke to us that day.

We'll really have a heart to heart with each other about what's going on in our day that is pulling us away from Christ..why we've slacked in growing in Him.

Usually this will pull the other out of the miry clay and set us back on that Rock to move us forward.

For me, helping my DH grow deeper in his walk with Christ begins with my walk with Christ. How can I possibly be the wife and encouragement for him if my walk with Christ isn't what it should be?

I also need to make sure that I'm fulfilling the Biblical role that God ordained for me to have as his helpmeet. In doing things God's way and in the order He's set forth for us, we will find that we are great encouragements for our husbands.

Sometimes the truth is we may be the only Bible that our husbands....or anyone else for that matter....ever reads.

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Christin said...

We are both blessed to have God-fearing husbands. It is a true gift.

Check out the Way of the Master - they teach the biblical way to draw other's to Christ and it is amazing.

Toknowhim said...

What a wonderful blessing that you two share :) Thanks so much for participating today... I can relate to the family situation...

Have a wonderful day!!! Kim

Denise said...

Such a nice post.