Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Me and My Buddy....(And the Kids!!)

Oh what Moms will give up for their kids!!!

I have mentioned before that me and a friend of mine have a standing Girl's Day Out once a month. It's never on the same day. She and I have so many schedules to balance we could never schedule the same day each month. It's sometimes amazes us that we can even get out once a month at all!!!

This day is very important to us and sometimes it seems as if we have to move heaven and earth to make it come together. It's not that we do things that are just over the top fun and crazy....Most days find us getting a bite to eat....well, we always are getting a bite to eat....and usually we'll end up at Target and the Dollar Tree, for sure. Sometimes we'll go to the Thrift store and usually a Christian book store.

We just really enjoy the time out together. No hubbies. No kids.

Well, this will change today....

Today, R and I are on our way to Huntsville. It's about a 2 hour drive from our houses and she hasn't been there in, like, forever and I haven't been there in, like, forever...so we plotted and schemed. Planned and persuaded...and today's the day!!!

No husbands...no kids.....ooooppps....well actually, we have kids. 3 (possibly a 4th) to be exact.

R still has a son at home and both of mine are still at home. R also has a daughter who lives about and hour and a half away (she's where the possible 4th child comes in).

See, when our "precious" children found out we were going to a land with huge shopping malls, enormous thrift stores and food courts beyond your wildest imaginations....they ALL put in for the day off of work so they could go with us!!!


Well, actually, they made us feel guilty....

You know that whining that ALL kids can do. Makes you feel like you NEVER let them do anything......

"Why don't we ever get to go to the super cool malls?"

"We don't ever get to go anywhere fun."

"How could you go without us? Won't you miss us?"

"Don't you love us enough to want us along with you??"

Oh....puhleease!!!....You'd think we were running away to another country....but it worked.

They're going with us.

And it's okay.......sort of....I guess.....

No really. These kids have grown up together and are more like brothers and sisters than buddies.

So..with that we're off!! Off to enjoy (?) a total of 4 hours in a van with teenagers singing and yelling and squealing and annoying their sisters and 4 different voices asking in unison, "Oh!!! Can we stop there??!"......and 'there' being 4 different stores.....

Think I need some chocolate and a Vanilla Bean frappacino from Starbucks.....(Didn't you know that's what makes Target even better????!!)

Signing off......2 Moms and a Van Load of Fun..........


Beth in NC said...

Oh man, I'm sorry they are crashing your party! I hope you all have fun ANYWAY. Mom's really do need a day off now and then.

Have a great time!

Leslie said...

I love that one of your labels for this post is "chaos"! I am so thankful that I have sons who don't want to go shopping with their mom! They do enjoy "doing lunch" though.

I think you and your friend deserve a second day together this month....no kids allowed!