Friday, May 22, 2009

My Husband Rocks!!

I'm joining up with Katy Lin over at The Great Adventure today to share how My Husband Rocks!!

When our kids were tiny tots, we thought that we stayed oh so busy and ran on little or no sleep most of the time.

There were doctors visits and endless loads of laundry. There were nights that they just wouldn't go to sleep or got sick. There were middle of the night feedings and diaper change after diaper change.

It seemed like DH and I walked around in a perpetual state of zombie-ness.

When they were a bit older, we were able to set and maintain a bedtime and a schedule and it seemed, at least for a time, that we were in a happy routine of playing and enjoying in the evenings, then baths and stories, hugs and kisses, prayer and bedtimes.

DH was thrilled and all was right with the world.

Then we entered the world of teenagerdom and oh my.....well.....let's say....we've found that zombie-ness state again.

Oh I'm not complaining.....I am blessed with the ability to function well if I've had 8 hours sleep or only 3. It doesn't really bother me that much.

DH on the other hand.......well, let's just say this new routine isn't settling as easy for him.

The kids are very respectful when they go out and are home by 10 if Dad has to work the next day. The only time they are later than that is if they have to close at work.

Like me, DH can't go to sleep if the kids aren't home. He does dose a bit (I can't even do that) but he doesn't fall into a deep sleep and even if he could, he wakes up when they come through the door, then has a hard time falling back asleep.

Every Thursday night, DS has a group of buddies that he works with that gets together and has "guys night" Actually it's only guys "couple of hours" because some are still in school and all have to work at some point the next day, but anyway, it usually goes on till about midnight.

For a time, it was a bit of an argument between father and son because son really wanted to join in on the fun and father wanted his sleep. DS finally came to the agreement though, that it wasn't fair to dad to keep him up so late on a work night.

Since DH has had a reduction of hours at work, 1 Friday a month he doesn't work. Today is that Friday.

Last night DS rambled around and in a very running around the bush way, inquired if he could go. DH basically said, "No. I've got a lot to do tomorrow and I need to get an early start."

Now, I admit that there are times when I don't always agree with DH's decisions, but because I'm convicted about living the Titus 2 life, I stay silent.

This was one of these times.

I didn't agree with DH, but it was a decision he made.

DS didn't say anything and I was very proud of him for accepting Dad's decision and not arguing.

A little later DD got home from the movies and the mention of guy's night was made. She simply asked why little brother couldn't go.

At this point DS said that he wasn't angry just hurt. He doesn't ask if he can go anymore when Dad has to work the next day, but he doesn't understand why he can't go even when Dad doesn't have to work.

Fair statement....(my thoughts exactly).

And, amazingly...that was all that was said.

I got up to wash a few dishes, DS got on the computer and DD walked her boyfriend out to the car. DH was left alone and (I know) began processing what DS said.

A few minutes later, he called DS in and told him to go on to guy's night and be home by midnight. Then DS says, "No, I'll be home before midnight. Thanks, Dad.."

Well, this lady was doing the happy dance right in the middle of her kitchen. The two men she loves most in this world came to an agreement without mean words, loud voices or hurt feelings. It was great!!!

How does this tie in with how My Husband Rocks???

Well....he listens. When any of us go to the right attitude...with something we disagree with, he listens. Does that always mean he changes his mind?
No. But he truly does listen and when he's wrong, he admits it and if it's possible, he'll make it right.

He doesn't walk the path of power hungry, dominating, "My way or no way" man.....No, he walks the path of "I love my family and want to be a godly example before them"... and hey, that screams My Husband Rocks!!!!!

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