Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Sidenote to Our Story

For those of you keeping up with Our Story on Wednesdays, you may be wondering who Scott is.

Somehow a chapter of Our Story didn't post...I'm not sure why, but never-the-less, it can't be found.

Scott is a tiny boy that I met on my first day of Kindergarten. He was much shorter than me and very shy. He had incredible white (not blond...white) hair and I was drawn to how beautiful that hair was. All of the younger boys on my dad's side of the family had white hair, but Scott had really white hair. I just loved it!!

I walked to school since it was only 4 blocks away from our apartment in Cicero, Illinois, and Scott walked the same route I did.

After a little while, Scott became my first "boyfriend" and looking back, my first real friend.

.....I hope he's doing great, wherever he is now.....

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