Friday, May 8, 2009

My Husband Rocks

It's Friday and time again for me to share with all of you just how awesome my hubby is and why he just plain rocks!!

I love contemporary Christian music and quite honestly.....I really tend to lean towards the rock side of it. Maybe even some times...depending....

Just give me some Skillet. Toby Mac??? Oh yes!!....Fireflight?? Uh huh!!! Kutless?? You bet!! See....Kind of outrageous for a "woman my age"....but I just love this kind of music.

Now, with that being said, I'm not the southern gospel kind of girl. No, this really isn't my genre` and many times I just kind of sit there. There are a few songs, especially hymns, that I love...but then Jars of Clay and Third Day have put out cd's with hymns that have a bit of a.......quicker them. I really love the remakes.

Anyway....the first of this post is about me so you can better understand why DH rocks.

For the record, I did buy him tickets for Christmas a couple of years ago to go see the Gaithers in concert. Yes I went with him and yes I enjoyed it...well, most of it. I especially enjoyed Jeff and Sherri Easter and Earnie....somebody.

But, more often than not, when we go to a concert it is the kind of music I enjoy.
I remember a time, not long ago, when Skillet came to town. Oh my goodness.....I HAD to go to this concert and DH knew how badly I wanted to go. So he, along with our own teenagers and about 40 other teens and adults loaded on a bus and went to see Skillet (among other awesome bands!!)

He waited in line over 3 hours and sat through over 4 hours of music that was loud, bright and (by his own admission) he couldn't understand a word that was being said.
Me? I was jumping up and down and praising and worship and clapping and just totally consumed in the Spirit. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

DH is so totally perfect because he loves me enough to put up with music that is totally out of his comfort zone so that I can get lost in praise and worship to our Savior. absolutely rock!!

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Leslie said...

I agree with you...I much prefer contemporary Christian music over southern gospel or hymns. That was the hardest thing for me when we changed churches a few years back. I miss their music ministry and their contemporary service. I have a difficult time singing hymns because melody wise I feel like they go all over the place and make no sense!

Your hubby does rock if he's willing to do something you love which he doesn't particularly enjoy!

Leslie said...

I have a teenager and a preteen, so I need the preschoolers for some comedy relief! Have fun with VBS!

Pam D said...

You and I have the same taste in music and, apparently, husbands! (well, sort of, but not the same exact MAN, because that would be really, really bad....). I love contemporary Christian music and the same artists as you (but Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp, too.. I can get all choked up on the slow stuff...). Hubby? Not into Christian music at ALL, and his favorite artist is Johnny Mathis. He loves that genre of music, and also likes to listen to a satellite station that plays old country music (Kitty Wells, George and Tammy, old Willie Nelson, etc). I grew up with that stuff in Nashville and it makes me want to take a flying header off the side of my deck. But I don't.. because I love hubby. It's awesome that your hubby would actually go with you to a CCM concert; he DOES rock!
Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend..