Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missing Blogger--Chapter 2

Sunday morning finds the alarm clock going off and I'm anything but able to move. Not going to make it to service. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm absolutely miserable if I have to miss church. I just can't stand missing the opportunity to learn more about God and..honestly..hearing from Him through our pastor.

Anyway, not wanting to risk sharing the love with those at church, I watched through one barely open eye as DH and the kids head off to church.

I must have fell back to sleep for about an hour and woke up needing to make an appearance, yet again, to the porcelain Throne Room.

After my encore, I decided I needed a cheerleader. Seeing as I was home alone (ahhhhhh!!!!!) had to be me.

"Okay, girl...get it together. You've got packing to do. You've got to shake this. You're going to Gatlinburg tomorrow. You and hubby have been looking forward to this for months. You're stronger than any ole' virus. Hop in that shower!! Wash those germs down the drain!!"

And... I did.

And... I felt some better.

Managed to get a load of laundry in the washer and then collapse on the couch. I need just a moment to compose myself...okay.

I put our suitcase on our bed and started packing. Another request for my presence in the Throne Room. Is it hot in here??? Back to the couch.

Everyone's home from church by now and asking how I feel. "Better," I say to them..."Liar", I say to myself.

But I'm tough. Gonna beat this bug and head off to Gatlinburg in the mornin'! <<> husband has told me for 25 years that I'm..and I quote.."...the most stubborn, bullheaded, headstrong, pain in the butt he's ever met!".....Guess that's how we've stayed married so long!! (love you sweetie!!!)>>

After several appearances throughout the day to the Throne Room, it's obvious I'm not getting to church that evening either. I watch everyone leave... again. I called on my inner cheerleader... again..

"Okay have got to get something to eat inside you. You are just going to get weaker and weaker if you don't. Try some chicken noodle soup. That makes everything better!"

Managed to keep that down and amazingly, felt some better..honestly.

I finished packing and everyone filed in from church again....along with DD's boyfriend and 2 of DS's buddies!!!

Helloooooo.....dying Mom here..does anyone mind?????

Another shower, 2 Tylenol, a good dose of Pepto and I head towards the bed. Set that alarm for 6:30 am, pray
with DH and go to sleep. Thankfully the alarm, and not the Throne Room, wakes me up!

I smack it and lay real still.....hmmmm...not hurting. Try moving. far, so good. I make my way to the bathroom/former Throne Room (yea!!!) and start getting ready.

After hubby's intensive questioning, 5 rounds of hugs and kisses with the kids, going back over the rules twice, I love you's a bajillion times...we're out the door!!! we come!!!

We arrive in Pigeon Forge and decide to stay there instead. We got a BEAUTIFUL room complete with living room, jacuzzi, fireplace and private balcony. Yes, we've led a Motel 6/Super 8 type of life..and that's okay..but with this, we splurged. And it was sooo worth it.
We spent the evening looking around Pigeon Forge and taking in a few sites. I was feeling a little weak and tired, but overall, not too bad.

Back to the room about midnight and finally off to bed only to awaken about 2am by the Throne Room's request of an appearance darling husband......


momstheword said...

Oh my goodness! I guess there is such a thing as to much sharing, lol!

Lisa said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened to you. We had a simlar experience only the first trip to Disney World. I hope you managed to have some fun anyway.

Beth in NC said...

Oh no! As I was reading your post I was thinking, "Don't do it!" lol There is nothing worse than being sick away from home. We had a horrible (very contagious) stomach virus while on the road. It was VERY BAD. I'm sorry your husband caught it. :o( I pray your kids and all of their friends they so thoughtfully brought into your home (ha) are ok.

Feel better! (And I can identify. Mom's don't have time to get sick.)