Monday, December 29, 2008

Just Catchin' Up

I truly hope that everyone had a blessed Christmas and I hope that I'm not the only one looking forward to getting my house back in order!!

I'm proud of myself. Being the president of the Gotta Keep My House Clean club, one quick walk through of my house will tell you that I need to be...ahhh...replaced.

I haven't stressed about the pieces of wrapping paper still on the floor..and taped to the rug...and under the couch...and under the bed...(yes under the bed!!...) I haven't went around growling because there are empty to half full glasses of drinks sitting everywhere...( I'm the classic 'Don't waste that drink!! That stuff costs money ya know!!'..or..'Don't dirty another glass! Use the same one you have!!'..) I haven't complained because my trash can has erupted and garbage is literally running down the side of the can and I haven't even gotten bug-eyed with fear because my hamper looks like it's going to travel the same path as the erupting trash can..Yes...I've been a very good girl!!

And here's the most awesome part.....even with the state of my house....look out!! I'm going to squeal!!!.....I invited some folks from church over last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes I did!! They came right in the kitchen door where the first thing they saw was the erupting trash can and guess what??? They didn't run out screaming!! They walked by the island and the sink which was covered up with our Bibles and Christmas goodies and dirty dishes and papers and dish towels. And guess what?? I didn't even apologize! They came on through the dining room where a basket of unfolded towels sit on the table, wrapping paper is leaning against the piano and newspaper is scattered and I never batted an eye!

And guess what....neither did our guests. Just the opposite. The wife looked at me and said, "I'm so glad to be in a house that isn't perfect."

Huh??? What did she say??? Did I just hear her say that none of this bothers her??? You betcha. Wow. What a concept. Just enjoying fellowship without the stress.

Yes, in a day or two, there's going to be a post about that very subject. Fellowship without stress. You see, in the midst of all the Christmas chaos, my Father was able to point out to me that I put entirely too much emphasis on the appearance of things and nobody really cares anyway. But that's in a day or two....

Now for one of those funny Christmas stories...

Funny story #1:

About a month ago I was out with my son trying to help him find a Christmas gift for his dad. Like many men, DH doesn't need much of anything. If he needs something, he buys it and then leaves us to sweat about what to get him for Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day.... Add to that a teenager who has a very limited budget and wants to buy his dad something great and awesome and you have a minor problem.

Anyway..he finally found the "perfect gift"...a small pocket knife. Hubby has a small collection of knives, but doesn't usually carry one on his person because he doesn't like to have "a big, bulky knife jabbing his leg". So..Zack found this awesome, little, small knife that is perfect for a pocket and bought it for his dad. Zack also pointed out several pocket knives in the display that would be "awesome!!" to have.

Fast forward two weeks to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Yes. Hubby and I are doing a bit of Christmas shopping while on our anniversary holiday. He needs my help because he "just doesn't know what to buy the kids". We went into many shops and came out empty handed when it came to Zack. Zack is an A/V junkie and it's hard to buy those type things on a limited budget. Dad...collects knives, swords, throwing stars and the like. In Gatlinburg there is this awesome shop that sells those type items and when DH saw that shop, he fairly lit up. We walk in and DH is like a kid in a candy shop. We are in there for literally an hour when he finally decides on a....pocket knife!!

DH: "Do you think he'll like it?"

Me: "I'm sure he will."

DH: "But what kind of a gift is a pocket knife?"

Me: "A very good one..."

DH: "He'd never buy something like that would he?"

Me: Uhhhh....."He might...."

DH: "I don't know. I'm not sure if he'd like that. Would that be something he'd pick out?"

Me: Uhhhh....."He might..."

See where this is going??? Yes, he finally buys the knife and proceeds to talk about the fact that Zack probably isn't into pocket knives, he prefers swords, and he probably won't like it.

Now this knife isn't like the one Zack bought Dad, but they've bought each other the same gift. This is going to be great!!

Christmas Eve came and we began exchanging the gifts that we bought for each other.

Two little boxes under the tree. One to Dad. One to Zack. Not much difference in the size or weight. Zack gives Dad his first. He opens it and of course falls in love!!

Dad: "It's perfect!! Just the right size!! It won't jab my leg!!"

Son: "I wasn't sure you'd like it. But everyone can use a pocket knife, right?"

Dad: "This is great. I don't carry one because they jab my leg, but you found the perfect one!!"

Zack smiles and tells his dad about all of these awesome knives he found and he just wished he could have gotten one for himself.

Zack's turn. He opens his gift and guess what???

Zack: "Awesome!!! This is great!!! This is so cool!!! Mom did you say anything to Dad?"

Mom: "No. How could I without giving away your gift for your dad?"

Dad: "Do you really like it?"

Zack: "Yeah!! This is so cool!! I can't wait to show the guys at church!!" (??!!)

Dad smiles. I do too because my two guys really know each other.

Then the laughter starts because it just hit them that they'd bought each other the same gift. How funny!!! Guess you'd had to have been there to fully appreciate it but the best thing is.....that was the first of a few double gifts............


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momstheword said...

Yesterday I was so glad that I had picked up because some friends dropped in and I was glad it was clean.

Many times I've had company drop in when it's been a mess, and you know what, noone's ever dropped dead of a heart attack at my far, anyway. I still prefer it clean, though!

Cute story about the presents. My hubby and I gave each other the same anniversary card this year!