Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well....I'm Just Not Quite Sure....

We've all been there....wanting to post, needing to post...and drawing a blank.

Nothing earth shattering has happened, nothing grand has happened. Life's just kind of moving along and all is well with the world..for now at least.

So, I'm just going to ramble share about what has been going on.

Let's see.....

The Easter program was wonderful Sunday at church!! DH remembered most of his lines and the ones he forgot he did an awesome job ad-libbing!!

DD got the lighting job dropped in her lap on Wednesday and so had only practiced the lighting on Sunday morning before the actual performance. She did great and only lost our pastor once!!

Of course DS did a jam up job on the sound board. It's his gift and his ministry...'nuff said!

Then we went to my Mom and Dad's and we actually had all the family there for dinner and hiding eggs for the little guys. DD and DS did quite a bit of complaining when they thought that Mommaw was going to make them look for eggs too....(but she was only teasing!!) It was a really good day!!

I've been busy over the last week or so weeding and deep cleaning my house. I hate doing the deep stuff, but every now and then (more then than now!!) it has to be done. So, yesterday I finished the living room. Today I will take the curtains down in the dining room, wash them, clean the windows, the huge rug under the table and the cushions on the chairs...and then put it all back together!

My poor kitchen counter is piled with quite a stack of dishes and DH lovingly commented before he left for work this morning that I "....didn't get around to the dishes last night, huh?" Well, truth is, when I deep clean like this, it can get much worse before it gets better....

DD goes back to work today after being off for a month following her surgery. I have mixed feelings about this....it will be nice to have a few hours to myself again (she and DS's hours usually overlap by a couple) but I now have to go through the mini version of empty nest all over again.....She's excited and that's a very good thing when you're talking about your job.

I still haven't heard anything on the job I was inquiring about so I'm just trusting that the timing isn't right and God isn't ready for me to go back to work even part time yet.

Well, that about does it....I think everyone is caught up and hey!! guess what?? I've got a post written out!!! :o)

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Andrea said...

WOW...you've been busy!
Blessings, andrea