Friday, April 30, 2010

So, My Week Went Something Like This..

Well, guess what?? I was called back for a second interview on the job I previously posted on!! I was really excited and not too nervous actually....all because of God, seeing as it was my first interview in almost 25 years!!!! I've decided I hope I do get this job, but I'm trusting that God knows best in ALL things!

My guys left yesterday morning on their father/son camping trip. This trip, in particular, was really needed. DH has a stressful job, as I've mentioned before and so the break in and of itself is very good for him. DS needs some peace and quiet. Time to clear his head, think and hear God. There is no doubt that God is trying to get his attention and give him direction. But, as most 17 year olds, he keeps himself so busy and everything must be tended to "Right now!" that he's staying in a state of confusion most of the time. He knows he needs to make some tough and maybe painful decisions, but he keeps hoping, "everything will just work itself out". Oh the pain of wanting to make everything okay for our children, and yet having to stand back and watch them step out on their own......

That should leave me and DD with time to hang out, but as it would be, she has to work everyday they are gone!! She couldn't take any time off of work because of the time she had to take off with her surgery so....We rented a movie and watched it last night and tonight we're going to grab a bite to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant and do a (small) amount of shopping.

I did manage to get my oven cleaned yesterday. On Wednesday I had made a meatloaf and for some reason the thing splattered and made a mess all over my oven!! Thank God for self cleaning ability!!! A few presses on the pad and voila`!!...3 hours later I had a beautifully clean oven!!

I know this hasn't been an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping leave you breathless kind of post...but hey!! Sometimes, life is just life...and that's not so bad!! :o)

By the way...If you haven't yet, head on over and check out my new blog, One Single Minute's new sister, 'I Saw God Today...'!!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love my self cleaning oven too. So glad your hubby and son are having some quality guy time. What a blessing! I'm praying God's will on the job situation and that you will have peace no matter what the outcome. Blessings, Jackie

Teresa Dawn said...

Good luck with the interview!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Well have a nice restful, QUIET time alone!!
I have a self-cleaning oven and have always been chicken to try it...I am such a dufus, LOL!

Betty said...

I need one of those ovens!
Enjoy your weekend and your "me time". :)