Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Dozen

Time to share a bit about myself by linking up with Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee for Random Dozen. I really love participating in this meme. The questions are fun (although sometimes the answers can be tough) and it's great to read how others think about the same things.
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1How do you feel about "Gladiator" sandals, also called "Roman" or "Jesus" sandals? A fashion yea or nay?

I actually kinda like them..however, being the owner of size 11 feet makes finding them a challenge!!

2. What is your favorite pizza?

Canadian Bacon and Pineapple!!

3. There are plans in the works to sell roughly 1,000 items from Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. This means you could buy Picard's chair for your family room. If not a Star Trek item, what prop, background, set, etc. from what TV or movie would you buy if you could?
[Ex: Hurley's "I Love my Shih tzu" shirt from LOST, the plantation home "Tara" from Gone With the Wind, or Tracy's tambourine from the Partridge Family.]

Not a clue. Can't think of a thing.

4. Name a local food or restaurant that your area is famous for.

There is a restaurant where my DH grew up called Lacy's. They make the best ham and cheese sandwich in the world!!!

5. What is your current favorite snack?

Only one??? Okay...nope, gotta give you two....Reese Cups and potato chips...have I mentioned here before that I LOVE potato chips??

6. Hypothetical: You are required to be a reality show contestant. Which show would you choose based on your probability of success? (You cannot choose "none.")

A. Dancing with the Stars
B. Biggest Loser
C. Survivor

Don't Forget the Lyrics. DS and I rock at this show!!!!!!!!!!! But choosing from A, B, or C....would have to be A. Still fighting the weight loss, yo-yo battle and ain't even trying Survivor!

7. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being uninhabitable and 10 being cleanliness that meets the standards of OCD, how clean is your vehicle's interior?


8. It doesn't feel like Spring until _________.

I can sit on the porch in the early morning with DH and not need long underwear and a blanket!

9. Something that made you laugh really hard recently is ____.

I can't really remember, but I'm sure it included DS!!

10. Tell me about a goal you're working toward.

Again.. only 1?? Stop fighting against the budget, losing these nasty 55 pounds and spending much more One on one time with my Father!

11. Share a thought-provoking or inspiring quote this week.

"Do you want fire insurance or victory?" Pastor Greg (our pastor!!)

12. Name one thing that you do as a parent that you absolutely know will make your kids happy. If you're not a parent, feel free to substitute "friend" or nomenclature that works for you.

If I'm out and it's Happy Hour at Sonic, I'll get their favorite drink and drop it off where they work! Brings a smile every time!!


SusanD said...

Sitting on the front porch. We do that too. So enjoyable. Great quote from your pastor. Love the Sonic idea. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Pam Ponder said...

thanks for sharing..I love your pastor's quote..I would add mushrooms to that pizza and you have my fav :-)

Betty said...

That´s a sweet thing to do on Nr. 12. I wish my kids lived that close by.
We sit on the porch early mornings too, and drink Mate.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

What a sweet thought--the Sonic thing. I'll have to try that!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Enjoyed your answers. Sounds like your quote came from a really good sermon.