Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Dozen

Time to share a bit about myself by linking up with Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee for Random Dozen. I really love participating in this meme. The questions are fun (although sometimes the answers can be tough) and it's great to read how others think about the same things.

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1. Do you prefer even or odd numbers? Any particular reason?

Umm..well, hadn't thought about it, although I do like to keep my stereo in my car on a volume number that ends in 0 or 5...but then, wouldn't that make me a lover of all numbers????

2. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "not at all" and 10 being Carly Simon-worthy, how vain are you?

2. Maybe...

3. Among these Irish stereotypes, with which do you identify most closely? Talkative, Proud, Inquisitive, Love to party, Hot-tempered

Hot-tempered. Not only hot-tempered, but quick tempered. Not as bad as I used to be though....something to be said for getting older I guess..

4. How lucky do you consider yourself?

Never lucky. Don't believe in luck. Always blessed.

5. What is the subject of your favorite post that you've written?

Seriously?? Wow. Since I'm my own worst critic this is tough!! Anyway, my favorite post would have to be "Power Outages" and if you read it, you'll find out Who my subject is!!! :o)

6. Describe March weather where you live in three words.

Unpredictably yucky nice. (Yup. That 'bout sums it up!!)

7. How apt are you at detecting blarney when you hear it? (Smooth talk, flattery)

From a mile away!! One of my spiritual gifts is discernment, and it's one that God has honed very well!!

8. How "green" are you, environmentally speaking?

Oh...round about the 50-50 mark. Always learning. Always trying.

9. What is your favorite song this week?

I bought a new Kutless cd and it's their worship album. There is a song on there called "Redeemer" and I have went to sleep singing it (in my heart) and woke up singing it (in my heart) and I've sung it everywhere I've went (out loud...not everyone has appreciated that!! :o) )

10. You are walking along and see a coin on the ground. What denomination does it have to be before you will stop to pick it up?

I usually pick up everyone one I see although I have occasionally walked past a penny...

11. Complete the sentence: "Every time I look outside my window ...."

I watch the birds eating and jumping and enjoying around the feeders.

12. What was the #1 song on the day you were born? See this site to find out.

"A Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles. I'm not a big Beatles fan but I do like this song...and now IT'S stuck in my head!!!


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Kathy said...

I was 9 or 10 when A Hard Day's Night was popular--and an avid Beatles fan. I read your Power Outage Post--very good stuff, a great analogy Have a great day! Kathy

Joyce said...

Wow-lots of Kutless fans on here today. I like them too.

I think March weather is my least get a taste of spring but it's just a tease. Easter is early this year which means we could have snow on Easter. Ick.

Susanne said...

I'll have to check out that Kutless CD!

I'll have to check out your Power Outage post!

Nel said...

Enjoyed your answers. I read your Power Outage post. Very good and so true. This is my first time here but I will be back! Thanks for sharing.

until next time... nel

Linda said...

I enjoyed reading your answers and I love your background! Very pretty!