Monday, March 29, 2010

Am I Available?

In a very short time she has come to love this place. God has brought her out of her shell and put her in positions that she has had to step up and stretch the confines of her box.

Reading before a group of very godly women, visiting the shut ins and making conversation, driving to places she has no idea where she's going just to deliver a meal to a needy family--all things that she has a hard time doing, yet God has called her to do these things.

He also called her back into teaching. She wasn't thrilled about this and told God so. It didn't much matter to Him whether or not she was excited about the calling, just that she was willing to do so.

Like a child who is dragging their feet to get to the bathtub after a wonderful day of playing outdoors, she found herself giving Him a dragging "Okay...I'll do it....."

He would have liked enthusiasm and excitement, but He can work with what little she offers.

And He did.

She began teaching those sweet faces on Wednesday nights almost 4 months ago and she has never regretted it for a minute. God has richly blessed her availability with the biggest blessing of all; the fact that she can't wait to see those girls each week. If one is missing, her heart does a drop and she prays that they are okay.

You see, several of those girls ride the van and their home-life is....strained, at best.

She's fallen in love and she owes so much to God.

This day had found her at the church cleaning. Things had gotten so neglected in her classroom and since Pastor had declared a church cleaning day for Saturday, she couldn't wait to get started weeding and deep cleaning.

Pastor had even gotten paint so she could paint the walls and make it all fresh and new!! She was so excited about how beautiful God's house was going to look when they all got finished.

Some were planting plants others were washing walls. Dusting woodwork, washing windows...oh this was a fine thing that was going on for God!!

Something bothered her though. Something deep inside her.

Where was everybody??

The best she could estimate, only 20 or so people showed up. Out of what??......150 or so!!??


Given the obvious that some had to work and some had prior commitments but where was everybody at?

She tried to just let it roll off her back, but she found herself saddened by the fact that so few found joy in cleaning God's "house". The place they all came together to worship Him. The place they all came together to cry and laugh, to praise and pray.

Have we allowed satan to keep us so busy that we can't be bothered with the things of God. Whether it's sharing the Gospel or cleaning a toilet in His name, are we so consumed with ourselves that we just can't carve out more than a couple of hours on a Sunday or an hour on a Wednesday to give to Him??

She is guilty of this sin called busy-ness too. How many times has she walked by someone just needing some encouragement. How many times could she have reached out, but in her haste "didn't have the time"?

Oh satan is cunning, for sure. How easily he slithers in and robs us of so many blessings.

She finds herself bowing before Him, asking Him to forgive her and to make her even more sensitive to the importance of the things of His Kingdom. No matter the calling..whether man deems it as big or small...obedience to Him. Thankfulness to Him. Gratitude to Him. Living...for Him.

Does He deserve any less?

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Jane In The Jungle said...

Very well said! And your church is not alone...we have it too!