Thursday, October 9, 2008

Try Measuring Challenge!!

It seems as if every store I walk into, the prices have gone up. My grocery list is pretty much the same every two weeks, so I've always been very good at determining, within just a few dollars, how much I should spend. I've noticed that those numbers have increased by at least $5-$10 each trip.

As with most people, I have the most room to make adjustments in my spending with our food/household needs spending.

I was thinking today as I was deciding what I wanted to make for supper that if I would just take the time to measure everything I could probably actually make my groceries go farther and save money too!

I am notorious for just "dumping". If a recipe calls for a half cup of cheese, I just dump what I think is a half cup. Of course most of the time I think, "Oh we just love cheese!! I'll add a little more. It won't hurt". But all of those little mores add up and before I know it, the cheese bag is empty and I'm pulling another one out of the freezer.

I challenge myself and you to try measuring everything for one month and then let's compare notes.

Did we save any money???

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