Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Thanking God!!!

Just wanted to share our praise to God!!!

Beth had her yearly visit with her cardiologist today. I always pray and ask God for a good report and He's always been faithful, but I confess that little seed of doubt filters through and I try to brace for the worst.

She was released today!!! After so many years of tests and machines and worry ( I know, I know...Why pray when you can worry, right??) and trying to wake her up when she passes out and, finally, he released her today! The news we had been waiting for!

She hasn't passed out in almost 2 years and except for random heart palpitations, she's had the best year in quite some time.

He ran his tests, asked a bunch of questions and deemed her in good shape and told her to call if she had any problems at all.

What a true blessing for our family and the best answer to a prayer that's been prayed for a long time.

"Thank you Father for being so faithful to this family. Forgive me when I doubt and remind me when I begin to worry that You are faithful in all things. You are faithful even when I am not. I know that I am so undeserving of Your love and blessings, but I am eternally grateful that You are in control of all things."

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