Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas Buying for Nieces and Nephews

Between my husband and I, we have 5 nephews and 3 nieces. No matter what, we always get a gift for each of them at Christmas. On their birthdays we usually get them a $5 gift card to a local store or a fast food place they really enjoy. But, at Christmas, no gift cards. Who doesn't just love ripping into that wrapping paper and finding the surprise underneath?? ( I know I do and I'm 44!!)

Our nieces and nephews range in age from 13 all the way down to 17 months.

I usually begin right after Christmas, shopping for next Christmas. I try to do this with everyone on my list, but especially the nieces and nephews. You can find some really great toys and electronics for a minimal amount.

As of this posting, I have purchased all of the gifts except for 2 of my nephews so I'm quite pleased. It's really not that hard. I just try to think about the child and what their likes and dislikes are and go from there. My main goal is to pick out something specific for that child and I always start at the clearance racks/shelves. Seldom have I ever paid full price for any gift I've bought.

The awesome thing about our nieces and nephews is that they love whatever they get. That is a great reflection on their wonderful parents!

If there is anything I hope you get out of the postings about Christmas for your extended family is:

1. Plan.
2. Begin early (the day after Christmas is awesome!)
3. Keep a list. As you get a gift for that person, write down what it is and then check it off.
4. Keep an eagle eye on those clearance racks/shelves.
5. Think outside the box. Unique gifts are the best!!

I pray that this Christmas season will find you done with your gift buying soon so that you can enjoy the season with your family. Relax, enjoy and focus on Jesus Christ....the best Gift of all.


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