Friday, October 24, 2008

Being a Submissive Wife

The more time passes and the older I get, I see a growing trend in women that is very discouraging to me. The more women I talk to, listen to and just observe, make me more aware of this trend. It's a trend that is continually moving farther and farther away from the way God ordained a marriage and family.

God created woman to be a help-meet for man. She was not created to be a leader in the family, but to help the one who was created to lead. She was not created to lord over man either. She was not created to bark orders or to demand her way. She was not created to whine and complain or to withold herself from her husband in order to "get her way".

In order for the woman, the wife, to Biblically fulfill her role..the role God Himself ordained for her..she must be..dare I say it.....submissive.

Now, please let me clarify to anyone reading that while over the next several weeks we are going to be talking about the role of a submissive wife, I do not intend to take Scripture out of context. A submissive wife is not to be lorded over, demeaned by or abused in any way by her husband. We will find in Scripture where the husband is told to love and cherish his wife "with the same love that Christ showed the church". (Ephesians 5:25) We'd do well to remember that Christ gave His life for the church.

I admit that I have tried many times to talk to different women over the years about being submissive and I'm usually met with the same defense, "NO man is going to tell me what to do!" These same women wonder what the problems are in their marriage.

I will also admit that my husband, bless him, married a very headstrong, independent, don't need anybody, non-Christian almost 25 years ago. During that time his wife has gotten saved (almost 17 years now!) and God has had to whip her repeatedly (God still has a very headstrong daughter..) My husband's wife has also had to learn submission. I wish I could tell you that it comes easily to doesn't. I wish I could tell you that when Jesus saved me, He gave me the gift of submission..He didn't. But He did give me the Holy Spirit, Who is quick to let me know when I'm overstepping my God ordained boundaries.

I do hope you follow along as we travel together down this road to a better understanding of being the submissive wife that God has called us to be. I fully believe that if we study and put into practice what God shares with us, we will see a definite difference in the marriages and families we've been blessed with....


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