Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't Stop Now!!

It's actually working!!

I heard on the news this morning that due to decrease demand, oil prices are below $85 a barrel..the lowest in over a year! That, in turn, makes lower prices at the gas pump.

I'm sure most people, like us, who are living on one income, trying to be better stewards of the money God has provided for us, wanting to live a more simple, content lifestyle, have been driving less and combining trips.

For our family, we chose this to do this because we wanted to spend wiser and quite honestly, we are frustrated with people who think a 7 figure income puts them on the brink of poverty. Apparently, more people have thought this way than I'm aware of.

Let me encourage you to keep doing what you're doing! Maybe become even more aware of those trips and find more ways to cut back on needing to drive that car. If we go back to our old, bad habits..prices will be back up before we can blink an eye.

Be honest, have you really missed not going as much? Hasn't it been good to just stay at home, catch up on those things you've been putting off, enjoying more one on one time with your family? For us, there just hasn't been a down side.

Share with me. How have you cut back on driving and what's your thoughts on the decrease demand??

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