Monday, October 27, 2014

Knowledge is Power!

I made a wise homestead purchase on Friday. This green notebook. Notice the name, Wise Gardening.

I've been reading on many sites about how important it is to write down what you plant, where and how you planted and took care of it and how much your garden veggies produced. Honestly, I'd never really given it a thought in years past just how important it was to do this.

What Hubby and I learned though, was that we had very poor soil.  So last winter we took the time to heavily fertilize and prep our garden. We kept our rows at the space we normally plant, but didn't take into consideration the fact that better soil would produce larger plants! We spent our summer harvesting within a jungle!!!! We certainly need wider rows next year......

That's what this little notebook is for. It is to help us remember and believe me, at our age, we need all the help remembering we can get!!

I'm looking forward to looking back on this notebook in a few years and being reminded just how far we've come in this homesteading process, what worked and what didn't and how we were able to share knowledge and bounty with others.

I encourage you to pick up a notebook and begin doing the same. Whether you are doing raised beds, container gardening or planting hundreds of acres, a record of what's going on in your planting world can be a very valuable thing, and remember...knowledge is power!!

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