Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Prayer Rock

Here on the Small Homestead, God is our Holy Messiah, Provider, Healer and the One to Whom our lives are dedicated. We know that God has led us to this point in our lives and we know that He will guide our steps and bless.

Prayer is very important to us. It's the glue that holds our family together and the life line between us and our heavenly Daddy.

We know and practice prayer anywhere and at any a group, one or two of us or just a heart felt one on one with God.

However, we have this one special place that we migrate to whenever we want to really be in the quiet so that we can not only speak with God, but that we can clearly hear Him with no interruptions. Many years ago when we move to the Homestead, hubby set up this place under an oak tree at the back of our property. There is nothing but animals, trees and sky. No distractions.

It's where we can take someone with us and have a heart to heart knowing that the One who loves us most of all is sitting there with us, helping us work out problems or cheering us on.

We've talked there and cried there. We've laughed and smiled and soaked in the presence of our Father.

The Prayer Rock
We call it the Prayer Rock. We all shoot up our prayers at will, but when our hearts are truly broken, serious, or losing hope you can find us there, when we just want to praise Him and bask in His presence, the Prayer Rock is where we are....drawing closer to the One Who is waiting to heal, mend or just let us crawl up in His lap and hold on for dear life.

We love all areas of the homestead, but The Prayer Rock is the cornerstone of this Small Homestead, and God is the Founder....

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