Monday, October 13, 2014

Rain, Rain

What a crazy weekend here on the Small Homestead!!! This is the weekend that is set aside each year for the men in our family to take a Father/Son camping trip. They are away for two nights, three days in the wilderness, no cell phone service--depending which campground they go to--no women, no jobs, no worries.

This year found them choosing the campground closer to home and that was a wise decision. You see, Friday was overcast all big with that, but that evening found our guys back home because a slight monsoon took place at our campground and....well....the tent just didn't cut the mustard!!!

Saturday morning was bright and sunny and found me cooking breakfast here at the homestead for my guys.....I must admit, for a brief moment, I was a bit miffed. For their camping weekend is also the women's hang out, eat chocolate, do mani-pedi's, watch movies and stay up late. NO WORKING.
However, after breakfast was done and I sat down with these men of mine, the conversation was great, the laughter was abundant and having time just me and my guys.....priceless!

They left again headed back to the campground to enjoy the day and hopefully actually spend the night. But.....evening came, and it brought with it angry lightning and heavy rain and three men headed back to their homes. Not the most relaxing camping trip, but memories were certainly made!!

Which brings me to a wonderful thing about homestead living. My guys talked and they are going to spend the next year clearing land on our property to build a small cabin and an outhouse so that next year at this time, no matter the weather, their plans won't be washed out!

Over the weeks and months ahead I'll be sharing pictures of that sweet little camping cabin going up and showing you just how awesome it is to live here on the Small Homestead!!

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