Saturday, October 18, 2014

Moving Day!!!

It has been SO busy here on the Small Homestead!! A morning of catching up on laundry and house cleaning and an afternoon and evening of cleaning rabbit feeders and pens, canning chili, cleaning up around some building projects we have going on.....boy can we make a mess!!..and completing our big hen doesn't have nests or roosting poles yet but come on!!..The babies are only a month old!

Yes, our little Austalorp babies are quickly outgrowing their baby coop so it was time to move them to their forever home. This chicken Momma was really watching helping chicken Daddy because it's a big deal when little chicks move into their big home!!
Still need to paint..
"Are all the cracks sealed?"

"Yes dear"

"No critters can get in?"

"No dear"

"Are you sure they will be warm enough?"

"Yes dear"

.....I'm married to such a patient man!!....

Anyway, three babies at a time and five trips back and forth and they were all moved in!! And I should have never worried for a moment!! Cheeping and scratching and running and jumping!! Digging among the shavings all the way down to the dirt!! I'm telling you these chicks are on a resort chicken island!!

Checkin' out the new place!

So much room!!!

Peeking in the window!

I have to admit...before I put head to pillow, me and my little flashlight friend will make a trip down to the mansion to make sure everyone is tucked in okay and settled down for the night!

Ahhh,.....simple pleasures make for big contentment on the Small Homestead!!

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