Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Little Spoonful

If your family is like mine, cleaning up after supper will often find a bowl with only a spoonful of veggies. Maybe a few green beans, or a little corn....not enough for another meal, but when you're watching those pennies, the thought of throwing out anything makes you cringe!

Let me share what we do with those little spoonfuls of leftovers. I keep a plastic bowl..or sometimes a gallon zip the freezer. Everytime there is just a spoonful of veggies left, I add that to my bowl in the freezer. When that bowl gets full, it's time to make vegetable soup!!

When I make my soup, I put the frozen veggies in the microwave and thaw them out. I brown some ground turkey, usually seasoned with salt and garlic powder. I put all of this in the crockpot with 3 cans of tomatoes. If I see there is not enough veggies, I add a can or two of our favorite ones with this. I usually add 2 or 3 cups of water to this also, depending on the room left in my crockpot. Remember, I'm filling a 6 quart crockpot. I cook for dear hubby, myself, 2 teenagers and usually a friend of my son's or my daughter's it takes a lot of soup! I set the crockpot to low and let this cook for 6-7 hours. About an hour before the soup is done, I add alphabet noodles to the soup and finish cooking (or crocking???). Add some crackers or hot dog rolls and the meal is ready to eat!!


What are hot dog rolls???? Post to follow!!

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