Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All It Takes

All it takes is a single minute...sometimes a single second. We've heard it said many times before, 'Life can change in a second'..and that's so true. Normally when we hear that, it is connected with something bad. An accident, illness, death. But what if we look at that from a different point of view. What if we look at it from the angle of a single minute changing our lives for the better.

A single minute can change us from unsaved to saved. A single minute can change us from wasteful to resourceful. A single minute can change us from sadness to happiness.

Sometimes I think that we dwell so much on the negative. Don't get me wrong, my life has also had it's share of things changing in a single minute that weren't good, that didn't work out like I wanted them to. Things changed that made me unhappy, unsettled..even angry.

But as in all things, how I choose to handle those moments are entirely up to me, as is the fact of whether I dwell on the negative or the positive. God has spoken to my heart...well, with me He was more like yelling and shaking me...(I tend to be one of His stubborn daughters)...about how I handle the situations in my life.

I used to hang on the negative. I used to think 'Oh it's never going to get any better' and God allowed me to wallow in that for a time. Then, thankfully, He set me right and showed me..through a series of single minutes..that it's all in how I look at things.

Someone shared this example with me: 'It's like a table runner that has cross stitching on it. We are looking at God from the level of this world up to Him. We're looking at the underside of that table runner and it looks awful. Thread here and there, overlapping and just a mess, but God is looking from Heaven down. He's looking at the top of that table runner and it's beautiful'.

So let's look at different avenues of single minutes: how to live the best Christian life we can because we were unsaved and now we're saved. How to live frugally because we had a job now we're a single income family...whether that was by choice or not.

Let's choose to live this life 'One Single Minute' at a time.....

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