Friday, November 6, 2015

I Am a Homemaker (Part Two)

Talking to the older women. Titus tells us that we are to be holy in our behavior. A quick peek in Webster's tells me that holy means, "Exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness; divine; devoted entirely to the deity or the work of the deity; having a divine quality".

Wow.....that is big!

Self exam time. Are we holy? Are we worthy of devotion from our husbands and children? Are we divine? Are we devoted entirely to God and the work of God? Do we have a divine quality?

I don't know about you, but I'm fairly certain that I'm not quite up to par in most of those things. With that being an honest answer to the above questions, now that I'm totally aware what is required of the older women before they teach the younger--because you can't teach what you don't know--it is apparent that I need to ask God to help me become what is required of the older women and then it is also my job to begin to study and act upon what He shows me.

Next, we are not to speak against others.

What!!? I may have to step back a moment and have some one on one with my Daddy. Let's be real older women, we DO speak against others.

"I can't believe they done that!"
" How stupid was that?"
"I have to do it because they are so lazy it will never get done."

The list could go on and on and it's easy for me to come up with things because I speak this mess myself!!  If you're honest with me, you do too.

Next, it says we are not to be enslaved to much wine. In this part, no debate on alcohol will be going on here because, believe me, I've heard ALL the arguments on that subject. My personal belief is that no strong drink is to touch your lips. Proverbs 20:1, Proverbs 31:6, Isaiah 24:9, Luke 1:15 all speak against it and for me, I lived the lifestyle of enjoying wine and alcohol and it almost cost me my marriage, my children and everything and everyone I held dear and for me, no mind numbing buzz is worth it. Pray, seek God and work this one out between you and Him.

After we are sure we have all these things lined up with the will of God, then and only then are we ready to move on teaching the younger women.

Let's pray ladies, let's get serious. Future generations for Christ depend on us stepping up, walking in our calling and making a change all for the kingdom of Heaven.

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