Saturday, November 7, 2015

I Am a Homemaker (Part Three)

Now that we have sought God and we are aware of the things required of us as older women, it is time to look into what we must be doing ourselves and teaching the younger women to do as well.

If we are holy in our behavior, not speaking against others, not given to wine and teaching what is good, it will be noticed. The younger women will see that there is something different about us and they will see that our marriages are good, are children are good, our homes are good and they will desire that in their own worlds.

We, as older women, are to teach the younger women to love their husbands.

Love our man. Show him respect. Put him above all but Christ. Sacrifice for him. What pleases him? What does he want to see in his home? Does he want supper done when he gets home from work? Does he want his laundry kept up so that whatever he needs is handy when he reaches for it? Does he want the finances in order, even if they're tight? You know your man. You know what shows love to him and you need to be making sure that it's getting done for him. And then we need to teach this very thing to the younger women so their husbands will know that they are loved.

Love our children. My children, as I'm sure as are yours, are my world. A mother's love for her children is mind blowing. As older women, we have developed more patience and we have learned a few things along the way and it's important for us to teach this to the younger women. A child who wants to wear their pj's all day is no big deal. Macaroni and cheese for breakfast? No problem. As women we can get overwhelmed by all there is to do in our day and we can forget that our children need and crave our attention. If we don't give them attention while they are acting good, they will start acting out to get our attention. Turn off the phone, the computer, the tablet, the tv and invest real quality time in your children!! I can't even begin to make you realize that the last thing you want to hear from your adult children is, "Mom always had her nose in the phone and couldn't be bothered." What is so important in the technology highway that it should take away from your children??

Be wise and pure. Wisdom comes with time and experience and that's why it is so important for older women to share their wisdom and so important for younger women to seek and listen to older women. Younger women, you could avoid so many problems if you would just treat the wisdom you obtain as precious, pray and give it a try in your own home and life. We've been there, done that and you have the power to stop the generational curses just by listening and applying older wisdom.

Pure. Free from harshness or roughness , unmixed with any other matter. If Jesus is your Savior, then allowing things of the world to be mixed in with you means you are not pure. Think about it......

There are still three other things to go over, and we'll hit those in the next post. I believe there is enough to think about for now. I know there is for me...

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