Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogging on the Run!!

I'm one month into the new job and I must say that I'm making progress...GOOD progress. I'm getting past the frustrations of my world being turned upside down. I'm coping with a house that isn't spotless, or cleaned the way "mom would do it", but it is clean and we're managing just fine.

About my God time. I spent the good portion of this past month explaining to God that I didn't have time to spend time with Him. I've whined and complained and decided in my mind that it just couldn't be done when God took things in His own hands. Last Sunday, my SS teacher asked me to teach the ladies class for the next two weeks. Well of course I began to give her all of the reasons why I couldn't do it. She just smiled and quietly said, " Deb, I'm sure you'll do fine." What could I do??

I've realized over this week that teaching this class was God's way of disciplining His daughter. Of course I have time to hang out with Him....I just have to make it a priority to do it, and by dropping this class in my lap, even for just a couple of weeks, He made His's time to quit whining and complaining and get back to life. It's just a new chapter, not the end of the world.

I took my spanking, repented and find myself now thankful for this job that He blessed me with.

The facts are: I DO enjoy my job. I have some of the kindest patients and they do a better job of blessing me than I do of blessing them. I have a wonderful boss. I don't always agree with him, but he has been patient and kind to me and I'm grateful for that. I get to work with my best girlfriend every day and that is a blessing for both of us!! My family has stepped up to the plate to help around the house.'s not always done like I'd do it, but it's done and I've learned many lessons in humbleness and thankfulness.

On another note: DS graduated from high school last Saturday. Since I don't have to work tomorrow, I'll get busy on here and share some pictures and some moments from that very emotional night.

Got to run for now and change clothes. It's time for church (almost) and tonight is our outreach night. I always love I Care night because I get to go to the homes of our shut ins and hopefully brighten their day!!

Love you my bloggy family!! Thanks for checking in with me as I seem to now be 'Blogging on the Run!!'

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Teresa Dawn said...

I feel like I'm blogging on the run often too, and my job is only parttime and I don't have family that I live with, I do however have another online job that takes up a LOT of my computer time.