Thursday, April 16, 2015

Walking In Faith and Singing a Song

When you homestead, many things are trial and error, but you do spend a lot of time walking by faith.

When you plant a garden, you walk in faith that God will send the right amount of rain and sun to make sure that the harvest is great.

When you have your chickens, you walk in faith that God will give you the knowledge to keep them healthy so they will produce eggs and that some girls will sit on their eggs so there will be new babies that will grow up to take care of your family.

Some hunt, some fish, some have pigs and cows and goats or whatever they deem necessary to take care of the needs of their family, but it's by faith that we believe these animals will be able to take care of us.

While our homestead is still in the very early stages of formation, my hubby works his own business in construction and remodeling to support our family. And believe me, the owner of his own business continually walks in faith that God will supply every can get downright scary sometimes!!

Today it is raining.....again. We have been bombarded by rain over the last several weeks and I have some plants that are sending out SOS's for some lifeboats!! But today, I have the windows open and there is a cool breeze blowing through my house. I can hear the rain falling and the thunder rumbling. In between downpours though....I hear the birds singing!! They are calling to each other and singing the most beautiful songs!

They don't doubt. They don't wonder. They find shelter in the storm and the moment they get a chance, they break out in song!! Now, when the rain is just pouring, they are silent, but as soon as the storm gives them even the smallest of opportunities, they break out in song!!

Today I am aware of storms going on around me. There are some who are walking paths they never envisioned and were totally blindsided by. We are walking through our own storm right now. And when it comes a downpour, I find myself running to the shelter of my Daddy's arms and He holds me and comforts me and encourages me because just as soon as the storm gives me an opportunity, He gently lets me go and I walk in faith and sing my song of praise to my Daddy. It's still raining and it's still cloudy. I can still hear the thunder rumble....but by faith we'll be okay and our song will give us hope.

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