Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wedding Joys!!

Just a quick bit to share the celebrating!!

After an eleven hour day at work, DD and I were able to get most of her wedding invitations stuffed!! We'd have gotten finished, but we ran out of stamps to put on the RSVP cards!! Every time we get another little thing marked off the list, I can see DD's stress level go down. She has so much on her plate right now!!

The best news of all though...they were approved for their loan for their dwelling! Now...bear in mind that we are still all about saving money and staying out of debt...DH and I, that is. DD and Son-in-law-to-be, are still in the learning process. They have been able to save a few thousand dollars though along with paying for some the "extras" they want for the wedding.

They found a cute single wide trailor, small (14x50) but SO cute, for $4250. They were able to secure a loan for $5000 (the extra will move the trailer) and their loan is only for two years! How exciting! Their plan is to start small, save and build a house as they go along with minimal to no debt. Help us pray for them that they would allow God to direct their steps and they would be found walking along the path He is choosing for them in this...well, in ALL areas.

I'm off to a hot bath and a comfy bed! 'Night all!!!

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