Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let Me Encourage You, Stay At Home Mom...

I'm finding that time has become a very precious commodity in my life. I mean, it always has been, but I took it for granted everyday of my life.

I've found that, as a SAHM, what I considered to be me running out of time, was in all actuality, me being lazy.

So many days, so many things didn't get done just because I chose not to do them.

Now that I'm back in the work-world, so many things doesn't get done because I literally run out of time.

The greatest lesson I'm learning though is that things aren't falling apart because they're not getting done. No dust police have come into my home with their white gloves on and arrested me because their white gloved finger is now black.

We haven't went without a meal because of dirty dishes and we haven't pulled out the 'fine china' (aka, paper plates) to compensate.

It's made me look back and wonder just how much time as a SAHM did I waste? Not in laziness, because I've already established the fact that I was indeed lazy at times, but how much time did I waste enjoying my children and being a better wife for my husband because of the dust police?

Yes, I do find myself in quite the battle at times because when folks show up at my house they are probably going to walk across sand-gritty floors. Most likely there is going to be dishes in the sink and on the counter with bread or cookie crumbs scattered about. Guess what I'm learning? It's OK.

With my daughter getting married in four months, I'm learning that dust bunnies pale in comparison to laying across the bed and catching up with my teenager.

With my son struggling in his walk with God, I'm learning that reading the Word with him and allowing him to see me in the Word more and in prayer more, is far more important than shiny sinks and immaculate floors.

I don't label myself as a failure as a mom and wife....although satan would have me believe that, but I do see where my priorities aren't always what they should have been.

So my sweet SAHM friend, listen to a lady who has been there and is still in the process of learning mighty lessons......a clean house and a well taken care of family is much desired and worthy of praise, but nothing is more important the relationships you build with your family and with your Father.


Gina Stinson said...

Great points!

Kristen said...

Beautifully put my friend...and thanks for a reminder.

momstheword said...

Hello, my friend! When the children were young I often struggled with the balance of keeping the house clean and yet making time to enjoy the kids, etc.

Now I will pretty much drop anything if one of my boys wants to go out. They are busy and I figure they don't ask that often and my dust will wait, lol!

Brittany Willis said...

I needed this!